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Hog Roaster

Pig Roaster

We were called by a guy who had an old boat trailer and a 250 gal. oil tank. He wanted to see if we could utilize them to build him a pig roaster. Absolutely!

When the pieces arrived,  the trailer needed some work . We cut off the old rotten tongue section and built new. Then we secured the tank to the rear area of the trailer with some simple supports.

Next was building the charcoal box. Built totally by hand from our expert welders, this was slid into place and welded solid to the trailer frame.

We added a custom built coal rack inside, and a clean out in the bottom as well as airflow passages.

At this point, hinges were added to the main tank for the lid. The lid itself was cut out and reinforced for proper operation.

We are almost there! Inside, the base was angled for grease flow to exit the drum and cooking grates were designed for the cook surface.

To finish it off, dual stacks were welded in place.

We have created the ultimate Hog Smoker! Of course we tested it before sending it to the customer!
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